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Does playing your violin make your neck ache?

Does your violin bow jump on slow notes?

Learn how to play the Violin and Viola properly with the best technique.

Justin Ward explains, clearly and concisely, good basic violin techniques and equally important, what not to do. 

He covers, among other  points, holding your violin correctly, the correct bow hold and bowing technique.  

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Do you recognise any of these problems? 

 1. My sound is rather scratchy.  How can I make a better sound?

 2. My back and neck aches after I've been playing for only a short while.

 3. I try to relax, but I still get back ache when I play my violin.

4. My left hand feels uncomfortable.



5. My bow jumps in long slow notes.

6. I can't do an even spiccato.

7. I'm never sure which finger position to use.

8. How do I shift position smoothly?

9. How do I do vibrato?

10. How can I stop my bow bouncing on the string when I start to play?

11. My left hand fingertips get sore.

As you can see, the text is clear and concise. 

Whether you are a beginner or an old hand, you will find this book a great help in getting you playing better with a fluent technique.

What's more you will ENJOY your playing a lot more.


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