How to play the Descant or Treble Recorder

With Peter Bowman's Recorder Technique Doctors.

Parent of Recorder player? This is for you.

Recorder Technique Doctor

The recorder is an often underrated instrument but played properly and well, you will be amazed.

Written especially for parents and non-specialist music teachers. With Peter Bowman's excellent method, you can use any tutor book or primer for beginners yet still make sure your children play the recorder beautifully.

Older children and adult players will find many useful techniques.


Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor by Peter Bowman.Now check the Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor.


Professional Recorder Fingering ChartThe Professional Recorder Fingering Chart.

Use the correct fingering - the fingering that the professionals use.



Long notes on their own are boring but essential,

Recorder Tone-Ups is MUCH better and fun to play.

You will soon get a beautiful sound and have fun doing it.







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