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Key Signature Flute Fingering Chart

Do you get confused with flute key signatures?

Can't tell which notes are flats or sharps?

Especially on the leger lines?

Our unique Key Signature Flute Fingering Chart shows you quickly and easily.

Flute Fingering Chart for key signatureMany of our students told us that they had difficulty recognising which notes were sharps or flats when playing music - especially if there are lots of leger lines. They said it didn't help to try to work out the note names - it took too long.

So we sat and thought and came up with the Key Signature Flute Fingering Chart. Click on the picture to get the idea.

Our students love it - so will you. You will now be able to see immediately how to play any flat or sharp, no matter how high or low, or how many sharps or flats in the key signature.

As this idea is unique, we are not giving it away free - but it will not cost you any more than our Professional Flute Fingering Chart. In fact, you will need both of them - one for key recognition, the other for the alternative flute fingerings.

But the best flute fingering charts in the world are useless if your playing technique is faulty.

Most students are never taught how to make a good sound on the flute - how to make and develop a good flute embouchure. Without it, you will never be able to have a good rich sound. Your high notes will drop unexpectadly - or be impossible to keep in tune.

A poor embouchure means a dread ful "whispy" low register and vanishing bottom C's - or just plain impossible to get.

The "methods" of teaching the flute in standard tutor books and primers seriously neglect the embouchure. Much of the so-called 'free' technical advice obtainable on the web is worse than useless.  But then, you only get what you pay for.........

Flute Technique DoctorFlute Technique Doctor and the Flute First Aid Doctor - keep your flute healthyFlute First Aid Doctor.

Use these flute fingering charts with these books and you'll never look back!

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Flute Fingering Chart for key signature

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