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Do you want a beautiful clarinet sound?

You need to play long notes - lots and lots of them.

In isolation that would be deadly boring wouldn't it?

BUT - how about playing beautiful SLOW music?

Try these......

Clarinet Tone-Ups Book 2 - How to play  the clarinet with an even better  tone


Edited by Peter Moore and Sandra Downing

Six more longer, beautiful slow tunes from the world's great composers.

Performance notes and technique tips for each melody.

Performance standard -  moderately difficult to advanced.


This is repertoire clarinet music, playable in concert either as a stand-alone piece or encore.

Below are scanned extracts of pages.  Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them full size.

Andante Pastorale - Bernhard Crusell

From his Concerto in F Minor for Clarinet and orchestra

Crusell Andante Pastorale - Performance notes.Performance notes.

Advice and guidance on performance.



Clarinet Tone-Ups Book 2 - Andante Pastorale by Bernard Crusell for clarinetClick on the thumbnail to see and hear an extract.


Clarinet Tone-Ups Book 2 - Contents pageContents.

This is what customers say:

Shirley Hartlett, retired Headmistress of Shenington School, Nr Banbury, England says:

"I get frustrated when I buy a book of clarinet music and find that I can only manage to play one or two pieces.  With Clarinet Tone-Ups I can play them all!" 

Stan Barrett, retired drama teacher and semi-pro clarinettist from Market Bosworth, England says:

"The 'Clarinet Tone-Ups' are a joy to use.  Not only do they take the tedium out of long-note practice, but they are also sprinkled with technical and interpretive challenges.  The writers know where we're likely to need help.  They isolate each problem and tell us, in straightforward language, what to do about it.  Excellent."

7 June 2004: Brad Bunnin, Berkeley, California

"I bought a copy of Clarinet Tone-Ups at Howarth's last month, while visiting my family in Britain. What a lovely way to improve tone and control! My teacher is also impressed."

Buy it now

Clarinet Tone-Ups Book 2 - How to play  the clarinet with an even better  tone

You are never too old to learn to play music!

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