How to play the Trombone well

Do you want a great sound?

Or to learn treble clef? Or alto clef?

How about learning bass clef from treble clef? Or vice versa?

Introducing Adrian Morris, known as Benny to his friends. He is Senior Tutor in Trombone at the RNCM, Manchester, England and Principal Bass Trombonist of the internationally famous Hallé Orchestra

Click on a picture to get to Adrian's books or charts.

Trombone technique Doctor by Adrian MorrisThe Trombone Technique Doctor comes in two flavours - Bass Clef and Treble Clef.

The Technique Doctor explains what to do to make the very first sound and shows you how to avoid common pitfalls in trombone technique.

Can you get a better person to tell you about tromboning?


Slide Charts

Professional Trombone Slide Chart 4 clefsWhichever trombone you play, we have a chart to match it.

Tenor in Bb, Tenor in Bb and F

All the Tenor Trombone charts have four staves with clefs ranging from Bb Brass Band Treble clef (transposed), to Alto clef, Tenor Clef and Bass Clef, all concert pitch


Bass Trombone Slide ChartBenny's Bass Trombone Chart has Bass and Tenor clefs.


Tone Development

Bass Trombone Tone-Ups Book 1 - Adrian MorrisIf you want a good tone you need to play long notes - but yes, they are boring.

But how about playing some of the world's wonderful slow melodies? MUCH nicer.

Click on the picture to be able to see and hear what you could be playing in only a few days.

Christian Jones says in "The Trombonist":

"I have often wondered how such an accomplished musician approaches trombone playing and Dr Downing's Bass Trombone Tone-Ups provides a valuable insight for us all."

Learning to read new clefs

Tenor Clef is Easy!Tenor Clef is Easy! for Bass Clef readers by Sandra Downing.


Bass Clef is Easy! for Brass Band Treble Clef Readers


Treble Clef is Easy! Treble Clef is Easy! - transposed for Brass Band, for Bass Clef readers.


Alto Clef is Easy! from Bass ClefAlto Clef is Easy! from bass Clef

Visit Benny's own very useful and informative website



British Trombone Society

A very helpful site with links to the International Trombone Association.

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