Bassoon Testimonials

Thank you for sending out my reed so quickly. I just wanted to say that is fantastic – it’s the best reed Ive ever had and I wish I’d found you sooner to save me wasting so much money on reeds I just couldn’t get on with. I just popped it on my bassoon and it has improved the sound and my ability to get it to produce high and low register notes hugely. The instrument just sounds so much more “together” …. It sounds like the same instrument no matter which note I play.

I shall now recommend you to my bassoon tutor.

Thanks again.

Donna Fenley


Dear Dr. Sandra Downing,
I received my order of your Bassoon reed doctor, bassoon technique and bassoon professional fingering chart today. Thank you very much they are superb. I can get a wonderful Eb now!!!! And your suggestion to totally soak the whole reed for 5 minutes worked an absolute treat. Two reeds I thought were far too hard are real beauties.

I read on John Schroder's website that he has his reeds permanently in a colman's mustard jar full of vodka. They only come out when he plays them. Is this a good idea? Though I would be worried about being breathalysed.

Anyway, thank you again. I can't get over how lovely that Eb sounds.
Very best wishes,

Claire Pullinger.

We thought the Bassoon Reed Doctor was great - nice job!!!

Kim L Wangler,

Potsdam, New York

Dear Sirs/Madam, ..............I am so impressed with the books that they are worthy every penny (or pence ?). Thanks, let me know about your next issues.

Greetings, Mike

From Mike Nahas, New York