Dr Downing's Tone-Ups

Beautiful slow music to develop a great tone

Clarinet Tone-Ups-Bk1 - slow music
Clarinet Tone-Ups_BK2 - slow music
Tenor Trombone - Tone-Ups - slow music - treble clef Tenor Trombone Tone-Ups - Slow music - bass clef
Cello Tone-Ups - slow music Viola Tone-ups - slow music Flut Tone-Ups - slow music Saxophone Tone-Ups Bk1 - slow music Sax Tone_Ups Bk 1 and 2 - slow music
Oboe Tone-Ups Bk 1 - slow melodies Bassoon Tone-Ups Bk 1 - beautiful slow music for Bassoon tone Treble Brass Tone-Ups Bk 1 - slow music

You know that playing long notes is good for tone but aren't they boring?

All of these books are packed with lovely slow melodies - a joy to play.

Click on a book to get the full story and hear the samples


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