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Saxophone maintenance for dummies?

There are many free videos or "how to" websites that show you how to change a cork or how to change a pad on your saxophone.

Admirable and praiseworthy but many are inadequate, or even wrong.

But what if you are in a rehearsal or even in the midle of a gig?

Strange things are happening to your saxophone - something wrong - but how do you find the solution?

A pad has sprung a leak - a screw has come loose - or worse, got lost.

Or a pad has split and the gig is just about to start. What then?

Your Saxophone First Aid Doctor in your pocket could save the day!


Screw loose? Fix it and other repairs.Click on the page to enlarge it.

The sample pages above shows you the practical common sense advice that Eddie Ashton packs into this smart little book. 

Apart from giving you guidance on how to care for your horn, Eddie also answers problems like these:

1. One of my keys is floppy.  I think I've got a broken spring.

2. My pads keep sticking.

3 .When I try to play anything below bottom E, the notes start to bubble.

4. Everything's fine except for bottom C#, B or B flat.  They just don't speak well.

5. B flat using the fingering LH1 and RH1 doesn't work.

Eddie answers these questions and gives you many tips to "get you home" in an emergency.

Plus Eddie also shows you how to re-cork the crook. 

Saxophone First Aid Doctor - keep your sax in tip tip shape.

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