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Learn to play piano properly!

Playing the piano should be fun, shouldn't it?

Learn to play the piano with correct posture - so your neck doesn't ache.

Learn how to play the piano without hitting wrong notes.

Stop your wrists hurting when you try to play octaves.

Piano Technique DoctorYes, with the Piano Technique Doctor, Nadia Lasserson's remarkable little pocket book, you get the answers to your piano playing problems.

We also cover essential piano techniques such as hand position, staccato, cutting out pedal noise and much more.

Click on the page below to see an extract from the book.

Piano Technique Doctor - correct hand position.

Are any of your piano playing problems shown here?

1. My neck and shoulders ache after a short time.

2. I am double-jointed and find it difficult to achieve a comfortable hand position.

3. I can't play ascending scale passages evenly.

4. In fast passages I often hit wrong notes.

5. How can I play evenly?  Some notes always seem louder or faster than others.

6. I can't play octaves accurately and my wrists hurt when I try.

7. How can I learn to play without looking at my fingers all the time?  I keep losing my place in the music.

8. When I play wide leaps I always land on the wrong note.

9. I have difficulty playing sequential chords rhythmically and accurately.

10. One hand is always too loud and heavy.

11. My wrists hurt when I play octaves and wide chords.

12. How can I play a good staccato phrase?

13.  My thumb hurts when I try to play scale passages fast.

14. How can I eliminate noise when I use the pedal?

15. The piano always sounds hard and brittle when I play.  How can I produce an expressive warm tone?

16. I get very nervous when playing in front of people and make a lot of mistakes.

learn to play piano properly with Piano Technique DoctorThe answers to these problems, written in plain, jargon free English, are all in Nadia Lasserson's Piano Technique Doctor

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