Learning to play the Clarinet is easy!

Yes, it really IS - but ONLY IF you do it correctly!

Did you know that ALL the current standard tutor books were first published in the 1930's?

BEFORE men landed on the moon! Then, around 1997, the internet happened.

Wow! "FREE" advice! All the charlatans had to do was copy the tosh that was in the tutor books!

Worse, we now have hundreds of videos of "experts" demonstrating totally wrong techniques for free!

But ALL the "free" web advice is wrong!

I know because - it's what I was taught 60 years ago! And it doesn't work!

Using 1930's methods, I struggled for 28 years trying to play the clarinet properly, until I learned the secrets.

The secrets are here in our books. No, NOT for free!

You've already tried that useless "free" stuff, which is why you are here now, isn't it?

From the very first sound, we teach you to play the same way as professionals. Why?

Because if it's good enough for a professional then it's GOT to be good for you!

"Playing the Clarinet is Easy!" is the real McCoy!

I learned the hard way, that "short cuts" and dumbed-down fingering methods are doomed to failure.

It is MUCH harder to unlearn bad methods and then relearn correct methods.

So start with the best methods now!

This is an email I received very recently, 9th August 2014, from a former pupil:

Hi Peter, 

I know it has been an enormous amount of time since you taught me the clarinet (almost 14 years ago!) – whether or not you remember is another question entirely! You must have seen numerous students in the mean-time alongside your publishing company and other work.

 I don’t think I really appreciated all that you gave me (wealth of knowledge and a unique teaching approach) when you were teaching me at the time. I was too young and inexperienced to comprehend. You were without doubt the best and probably most influential teacher I have ever had, even just over those short two years. I had numerous teachers after (Clarinet, Piano and Organ) throughout my time at Chetham’s, The Royal Northern and Manchester University that couldn’t even begin to live up to your ability. 
I just wanted to say - thank you. 

Best wishes,

Jason Hawkins MusB(Hons) DipHE(RNCM) LRSM

Whether you are a beginner or an old hand, Playing the Clarinet is Easy! shows you the CORRECT professional clarinet basics - from making the first sound to playing the highest notes. 

1) Learn to play in the middle register - B to High C - from the beginning - much better than honking away at the bottom.

2) Learn how to make the sound the professional way - immediately - and to tongue the clarinet correctly.

Holding the clarinet correctly3) How to hold your clarinet correctly.

4) How to change registers ("crossing the break") correctly from the beginning - not after 6 months of floundering around in the bottom register. There is no such thing as a "break" in Easy!

5) How to play the highest or altissimo register as easily as the lowest notes

You learn a fluent clarinet fingering technique with detailed photographs of correct fingering positions .

Using our method, we can promise that you will be delighted with your progress.

You will be playing smoothly and confidently from bottom E to Altissimo E, or even G, in weeks - NOT YEARS.

Unique advice on how to use those "pinkie keys".

The clarinet has four keys for each little finger to play, which can be very confusing. Readers asked us how to use them - so we added a section devoted solely to little fingers.

No other tutor gives you as much REAL information on how to play the clarinet.

Easy page 10 small

Click on the picture to see the full size page.

This is how to tongue correctly on the clarinet so that there is NO "splat" or squeal.

This is just one page of a book packed with genuine details of how to play the clarinet.

Try the method out for yourself and then we feel sure you'll want to learn all the rest.

George Seamans was the clarinet tutor of Santaluces High School Band in Florida. He used our Clarinettist's Technique Doctor - which comes free with this book - to help his students. Here is his email to us:

Dear Peter,

I am amazed at the fact that I can play the high register so easily. You are so correct in your method.

So that you understand: - I have been instructing high school students with no private instruction and very limited ability so that it was necessary to un-teach their habits while at the same time guiding them with your method. It has been successful in that they have grasped the concept with a few exceptions.

When they experience the ease of attaining high notes it should erase any doubts in their minds as to applying your approach with a more concentrated effort.

A friend of the band director teaches in a private elementary school and has asked me to work with his clarinet students. It will be a mixture of new and one year students........

With sincere thanks.


Follow Peter's advice and - truly - you will find that playing the clarinet really IS easy!

This method has been carefully developed, tried and tested over a playing and teaching career spanning 56 years, with the help of hundreds of my students. It really does work.

Playing the Clarinet is Easy!


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The Clarinettist's Technique Doctor, the Clarinet Advanced Technique

The Professional Clarinet Fingering Chart, the Clarinet Key Signature Chart

The Clarinettist's Reed Doctor and The Clarinet First Aid Doctor.

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See What customers say:

Dear Mr. Moore, I play the clarinet just for fun and personal satisfaction.........


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