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Gonzalez Clarinet and Sax Reeds

Made from selected Arundo Donax cane, organically grown in the Andes

Beginners' reeds? Professional reeds?

Tosh! - Absolute rubbish!

There is no such thing as a "professional" reed - or a "beginner's" reed - just different makes and strengths.

Softness or hardness is a matter of individual choice and individual final adjustment.

To get the best sound, always use top quality reeds.

Note that word quality.

Once you have found TOP QUALITY reed cane, the MOST important thing then is to match the reed strength to the lay of your mouthpiece - NOT the strength of your lip muscles.

Your lip muscles can be trained, but the wrong match of reed to mouthpiece will NEVER give you the good control you want.

If you are not sure whether your mouthpiece has a wide or narrow lay, check with the mouthpiece maker or your supplier.

After nearly 60 years of searching for reeds which are consistant and don't collapse into "blotting paper", I found Gonzalez reeds. I have tested them on both Clarinet and Saxophone and asked my students to evaluate them.

The results of the trials? ALL of my students liked the Gonzalez reeds and, to my personal surprise, I could find no fault with them.

At the age of 78+ I have learned to be very sceptical of claims and Gonzalez don't make exaggerated claims - they don't need to - quality speaks for itself.

The "cheapest" reeds usually turn out to be the MOST expensive in the long run. They don't last and are usually highly unpredicatable, as such makers use the cheapest "free" cane - gathered from the wild, with no control over the growing methods.

Gonzalz Reeds are made from Arundo Donax cane, grown under strictly controlled, organic conditions on their own plantations in Argentina, at the foot of the Andes mountains.

The evidence of our own tests has convinced me that Gonzalez reeds are the best that money can buy. We sell ONLY Gonzalez reeds and only use Gonzalez cane for our hand-made Bassoon reeds.

Gonzalez RC ReedsWe currently offer Gonzalez RC clarinet reeds in four strengths:

2, 2.25, 2.5 and 3.

RC stands for Regular Cut, also known as French Cut, similar to Vandoren Standard or Rico Royal reeds.

Sandra Downing is an expert reed maker with more than 30 years experience of making bassoon reeds for herself and her students.

Our world renowned "Reed Doctor" books have helped thousands of clarinettists, bassoonists, oboists and "saxists" to make commercial reeds work properly and making them last longer.

Gonzalez Clarinet Reeds Gonzalez Alto Sax Reeds

Gonzalez Tenor Sax Reeds Gonzalez Soprano Sax Reeds


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