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Our experts will help you to overcome:

Embouchure or technique problems

Fingering problems

Flute not playing properly? Fix it with First Aid Doctor.

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Flute Technique Doctor Flute First Aid Doctor - keep your flute fully fit. Professional Flute Fingering Chart Flute solos Flute key Signature Fingering Chart Flute Tone-UPS Bk 1

This is the 3rd Edition of our highly popular Flute Technique Doctor.

Keep your flute fit and healthy.

Professional Flute Fingering Chart

Flute Music - hear it before you buy it!

Our unique Flute Key Signature Fingering Chart

Do you want a great tone?

Try this.


A simple instrument but not as easy as it looks is it?

Recorder Technique Advanced Recprder Technique Professional Recorder Fingering Chart Recorder Tone-Ups

Recorder Technique Doctor

Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor

Professional Recorder Fingering Chart

Treble Recorder Tone-Ups. Slow music..

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