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Flute Technique Doctor  

Can't get high notes on your flute?

Can't get bottom C on your flute?

"Hissy" flute sound?  Flute pitch drops an octave on pp?

How to play the flute properlyby Peter Moore and Sandra Downing. 

Are your flute problems like these?  

1. The notes above D on the 4th line won't sound.

2. My tone is breathy and too soft.

3. I can't get bottom C.

4. I get confused with notes above the stave with lots of leger lines.

5. I have difficulty keeping in tune with other players.

6. I sound fine for about ten minutes and then can't get the sounds at all.


How NOT to play the flute.7. My neck aches severely after I have been playing.

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8. My right shoulder hurts after I have been playing for a while.

9. My top F sharp sometimes won't sound.  The repairer says my flute is definitely OK.

10. I can't get the notes above high C. (Altissimo register)

11. My high notes keep dropping an octave if I try to play softly.

12. No matter what I do my flute is out of tune.

13. I have difficulty getting my tongue and fingers to work together in rapid staccato passages.

All these flute playing problems are answered in the Flute Technique Doctor.

What customers say about our books.

We are proud to announce that this edition won an Honourable Mention in Finals in the New Publications Competition of the National Flute Association 2004 competition .

Go on - give yourself a Christmas Present.

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Because you want to be a better flautist.


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