Can't cross the break smoothly?

It's not your fault!

You have been taught the "dumbed-down" way of playing the clarinet.

The "standard" method of teaching the clarinet - first published in the 1930's - yes, that long ago - is based on the recorder - a simple "fipple flute" WITH NO REED. To make the sound on the clarinet is a totally different technique to the recorder.

No doubt too, you have spent months learning the fingerings but with no tuition on making the sound. Now, after all that time, you try to play the "high notes" and you are geting squawks and squeaks if you are lucky.

But these are not the "high notes", merely the MIDDLE register notes. When you know the secret, however, they are incredibly easy to play. The chances are also that your fingering positions are wrong and you have been taught to "bite harder" or "blow harder" for the "high notes". Yes?

Clarinet Technique


These are fatal errors which mean that, until you learn the correct way, you will constantly have trouble.

The Clarinettist's Technique Doctor will show you how to do it properly, for only £5.95 or FREE if you buy Playing the Clarinet is Easy! see below.



I am Peter Moore, a clarinet teacher, with over 60 years experience of playing and teaching the clarinet and have developed my own unique clarinet method.

Here is the full method, honed and perfected over 35 years of full time teaching: Playing the Clarinet is Easy!

It will set you right.

You also get absolutely FREE The Clarinettists Technique Doctor and Two Professional Clarinet Fingering Charts,

If you follow my instructions carefully you will soon say goodbye to all your fingering and embouchure problems.

Good Luck.


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