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Clarinet First-Aid Doctor

There are many free videos or "how to" websites that show you how to change a cork or how to change a pad on your clarinet. Admirable and praiseworthy, even if many are inadequate, or even wrong.

But what if you are in a rehearsal or even in the midle of a gig, what use are videos or ebooks?

Strange things are happening to your clarinet - something wrong - but how do you find the solution?

YouTube? But no computer handy. Your mobile hasn't got a signal - time is pressing.......

A pad has sprung a leak - a screw has come loose - or worse, got lost.

Or a pad has split and the gig is just about to start. What then?

Your First-Aid Doctor in your pocket could save the day!

Clarinet First Aid Doctor sample pageYour clarinet is a precision instrument and can easily go wrong - always at the crucial time of course.  

Click on the picture. As you can see, you easily correct many of the faults yourself. 

The secret is knowing what to look for and, of course, knowing what to do when you find it.

Eddie Ashton's brilliant little "get you home" pocket book, helps you to keep your clarinet in tip top condition.  He shows you how to do minor on the spot clarinet repair and maintenance. 

He also shows you how to detect faults and equally important, when to take your clarinet to your repairer.

Apart from the actual page shown above left, Eddie covers the following problems:

1.  Some of the screws on my clarinet mysteriously undo themselves. (Click on the small picture above for a sample page)

2:  One of my keys is "floppy".

3:  Every time I play thumb F to G I get a funny grace note between them.

4:  I can't get a long Eb/Bb and my top G is very sharp.

5:  I can only play notes with my right hand (below clarion G or low C) by pressing really hard.

6:  I can't play a middle B using only one of my little fingers.

7:  I can't get anything at all - it just squeaks.

8:  My pads keep sticking.

Eddie also gives you tips on how to cure wobbly joints, including re-corking a joint.

Clarinet First Aid Doctor - how to keep your clarinet fit.


Click the book and add it to your shopping cart - it'll save you money in the long run.

An ideal Christmas Stocking filler!


Over 22,000 Dr Downing Clarinet Doctor books sold to date.

Dear Mr. Moore, I play the clarinet just for fun and personal satisfaction.........

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