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How NOT to play the Clarinet?

Trying to BLOW it!

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Believe me - the clarinet is actually the easiest of all the wind instruments to play - IF it is taught properly!

It is, however, generally the worst taught of all the wind instruments! It took me 28 years to find out just how easy it is - and it made me very angry!

Which is why we have written our books.

There's a right way to play the clarinet and there's a wrong way - the wrong way is BLOWING!

That's what everyone tells you to do isn't it? - And the result? At best a horrible sound, or most likely, nothing - the reed simply slams shut, doesn't it?

Let me, Peter Moore, teach you the professional way to play - by breathing and NOT blowing. It really IS easy - when you know how.

Do yourself a favour - stop struggling - get "Easy!" today.

Playing the Clarinet is Easy!Playing the Clarinet is Easy! shows you exactly how to make the correct clarinet sound, without biting - without blowing - just breathing - exactly as the professional players do.

You also get - FREE - our "troubleshooting" Clarinet Technique Doctor.

With "Easy!" you learn to "drive" the clarinet before you learn to play music - just like learning to drive a car before you go on the roads.

Just as you learned to speak as a toddler, before you started to learn to read, so "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!" teaches you a natural way to play - by listening and then looking.


But that's not all - -

Dr Downing's Professional Clarinet Fingering Charts

you also get our Professional Clarinet Fingering chart- it gives you a fluent clarinet fingering technique - eliminating the dreaded "break" - exactly the way the professionals play.

Included free with "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!"


Dear Mr. Moore, I play the clarinet just for fun and personal satisfaction.........


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