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Clarinet Solos

These clarinet solos with piano accompaniments, call upon the works of master composers in many disciplines of music.  Ragtime, opera, classical, piano, voice, or wind instruments - if the melody is beautiful, we aim to include it in this series.  

You can hear and see extracts of each title by clicking on its picture.



Water Lily

To a Water Lily

by Edward MacDowell.

This delightful tone poem is from Edward MacDowell's Woodland Sketches.  His "To A Wild Rose" is perhaps too well known and as a result, many of his other compositions have been passed over for transcription.  

Nocturne No 1 Field

Nocturne No. 1 

by John Field.

Credited with creating the Nocturne, Field's delightful melody is challenging and rewarding to play.  Intermediate level.    


Gymnopedies (all three)

by Erik Satie.

These haunting melodies have been favourites for years.  All three Gymnopedies are included  and are particularly suitable for near beginners upwards. Slow music often appears easy but takes good technique to make it sound good.

Magnetic Rag - Scott Joplin 

Magnetic Rag 

by Scott Joplin.

Tuneful and challenging to play.  This is one of our Scott Joplin Collection series.  Not for beginners but intermediate performers upwards will get a lot of satisfaction playing this.   Intermediate level, Grade 4 upwards.

Rosebud March 

by Scott Joplin.

A lively, swinging  "Carnival" march.  As tuneful as all Scott Joplin's works, this lively march is not difficult and will suit all players from intermediate level up.
Scott Joplin - Solace 

Solace "A Mexican Serenade"

by Scott Joplin.

This beautiful, haunting tango, the only one that Scott Joplin composed, was made famous when used in the sound track of the 1970's film "The Sting", starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. You'll love it, especially if you play it really slowly.
Teddy Bears Picnic - Clarinet and Piano 

The Teddy Bears Picnic 

by John Bratton arr Sandra Downing
What can you say about this wonderful old favourite?  It's been around for years on the piano, but NOW we have it for clarinet. 

The Nonpareil 

by Scott Joplin.

This ragtime number is unusual for Scott Joplin in that he features four separate melodies rather than reprising the first melody.  As usual, the tunes are lilting and memorable. For intermediate to advanced players.
Haydn - 12 Little Pieces  for Clarinet and Piano 

12 Little Pieces 

by Joseph Haydn, arr Sandra Downing & Peter Moore
Short, tuneful pieces, of varying difficulty from easy to challenging. Originally written for the piano, this music transcribes well to the clarinet, covering the whole range of the instrument.

W A Mozart - Ah, vous dirai-je Maman

12 Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je Maman"  

by W.A. Mozart. With Piano accompaniment on free CD.

Mozart's variations on an old French song, later used for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Originally written for the piano, these variations transcribe well to make a challenging solo for the clarinet. Arr Sandra Downing & P Moore.

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