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How to play the Clarinet without squealing

Clarinet Advanced Technique Doctor

Recognise any of these problems?

1. My sound is weak in the bottom register.

2. What is the best way to develop a good sound?

3. I have difficulty playing long, fast staccato passages evenly and accurately.

4. My fingers and tongue get out of phase when I play rapid staccato or tongued passages.

5. When I am trying to get a strong tongued accent I often get squeaks at the start of a note.

6. I find it difficult to get the altissimo register above high Clarion C.

7. How do I get the notes above top G?

Clarinet Advanced Technique Doctor - clarion Bb to D finger technique.8. I Find it awkward to move from side-key clarion B flat to D and chalumeau E flat to G. (Click on small picture)

9. I always find reading keys with more than three sharps or three flats a nightmare. Why?

10. How can I make sure that I start playing exactly on the beat, especially in orchestra or band?

11. What is the best way to play with vibrato?

12. I find the Bass or Contrabass clarinets difficult to control. What's wrong?

Most clarinet performing problems creep up on us without notice, but how do you fix them? 

If you have a good clarinet teacher - great.  

But what if you are on your own?  Or in a group struggling to keep up with the others?

That's where we can help.  All of the difficulties answered in our books are commonly experienced by clarinet students all over the world. 

Peter Moore has over 59 years of clarinet playing and teaching experience and personal experience of overcoming many of the problems in his books. 

Simple, clearly written solutions quickly get you playing your clarinet better than ever.

The Music Teacher , December 1998 says:   "It is an eminently sensible little book, full of nuggets of advice from which every player can benefit."

How to get a great clarinet technique.Click the book to buy

Who says so? Customers like this.....

Dear Mr. Moore, I play the clarinet just for fun and personal satisfaction.........

Not only a sensible little book - it easily fits your pocket, purse or clarinet case.

Please note, you WILL need the Clarinettist's Technique Doctor as well, if you do not already have it. This book is part 2 in the series.

Over 22,000 Dr Downing Clarinet Doctor books sold to date.

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