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Help your child to play the Clarinet correctly.

Played correctly, the clarinet is the easiest of all the wind instruments to play.

BUT the standard methods of teaching used today by most teachers in schools and especially in group lessons, is frankly wrong. Standard primers are no better. They all show a fingering method basesd on the recorder, a simple "fipple flute", which is quite unlike the clarinet which has a reed and a modern sophisticated fingering method.

How do I know? Because I was taught these archaic methods 60 years ago - you know, before men walked on the moon!

I had to unlearn the rubbish before I could play properly, which made me angry for the wasted efforts!

If you really want your child play the clarinet well, you MUST help them to learn to do it properly. Let them learn up-to-date scientifically tried and tested 21st century methods.

This book and its companion books, are designed to help you ensure that your offspring learn to do things properly. The authors have tboth suffered from poor teaching methods and have successfully overcome them.

Let us start with the most basic of all teaching faults:

There is a right way to make the clarinet sound and there is a wrong way - the wrong way is BLOWING!

Yes, we know - that's what everyone tells you to do and what's the result? A horrible sound at best or most likely, nothing - the reed slams shut, doesn't it?

Why not learn the professional way to play - by breathing - not blowing?

Playing the Clarinet is Easy!Playing the Clarinet is Easy! shows you exactly how to make the correct clarinet sound, without biting and without blowing - just breathing - exactly as the professional players do.

Together with our "troubleshooting" Clarinet Technique Doctor, which is included with "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!" you will soon be playing smoothly over the full rnge of the clarinet.

We never teach "dumbed-down" or simplified methods. You learn to "drive" the clarinet before you learn to play music - like learning to drive a car before you go on the freeways.

Just as you learned to speak as a toddler, before you started to learn to read, so "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!" teaches you a natural way to play. Click the book to learn more.


Clarinet Technique DoctorIf your child has already been playing clarinet a while but is having problems, then you will find the Clarinettist's Technique Doctor invaluable.

This little book is easily popped in your pocket for when you are at rehearsal and get problems - it reminds you of all the things that you should be doing.

Far more important, however, it reminds you of all the things that you should NOT be doing. It's your "trouble-shooter". Click on the picture to learn more. You can buy the book itself for less than the price of a box of reeds.

You get it FREE with "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!"

Dr Downing's Professional Clarinet Fingering Chart

You also get our Professional Clarinet Fingering charts which shows you a fluent clarinet fingering technique - eliminating the dreaded "break" - exactly the way the professionals play.

The standard method of fingering the clarinet show on all the free internet charts and in all standard "primers" or tutor books is wrong. Why?

Because the fingering is dumbed down to "make it easy for beginners"!

Unfortunately it creates major problems in changing rgisters - the infamous "break" - changing from middle line Bflat to third space C. In our method, there is no such thing as a"break".

You also get the Professional Clarinet Fingering chart FREE with "Playing the Clarinet is Easy!"

Playing the Clarinet is Easy!

Buy it now - just click the picture.

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