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How to play the Bassoon

Can't get a good bassoon sound? Or are you an "old hand" looking to improve?

Check the Bassoonist's Technique Doctor .Bassoon Technique Doctor

Sandra Downing's little pocket book shows you how to play the bassoon like a professional from the first sound.


Professional Bassoon Fingering ChartBassoon fingering problems?

Most bassoon primers show a "simplified" method of bassoon fingering. We strongly believe that best bassoon fingering to learn is the ones that professional bassoonists use.

So with our Professional Bassoonist's Fingering Chart, you will be sure that you will never have to unlearn "baby talk" methods.


Tenor Clef is Easy!

Tenor Clef is a most important part of your bassoon technique.

The sooner your learn it the better - ideally from the beginning, at the same time as learning the bass clef. It then becomes easy and natural to read either clef.


Keeping your bassoon in good repair is essential for troublefree playing - the Bassoonist's First Aid Doctor will show you how to keep your bassoon in tip top condition. Bassoonist's First Aid Doctor

Learn how to check for leaks and how to make simple bassoon repairs - like recorking the joints or even changing bassoon pads.

Most of all, learn when to take it to your friendly repairer.



How good is your bassoon tone? Do you want a smooth, beautiful sound? Then the best way is practising long notes - BUT will you do that?

If you are anything like me, or the rest of the world's bassoonists, you would think fifteen seconds is a long time to play any note. So, if I told you that you need to play them for at least 3 minutes to do any good.........?

No, you won't play long notes - too, too boring!

But - what about playing beautiful, slow, bassoon music?

Think of Handel's Largo or the Swan from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saen? Have you tried to play Gymnopedie no 3 by Erik Satie? All these pieces take around 3 minutes each to play - but boring? Never!

You will find them all here in Bassoon Tone-Ups book 1.

Clarinet Tone-Ups Book 1Not only are many of the tunes great classical bassoon masterpieces in their own right, we have arranged fantastic slow melodies from other composers and, even better, each book has a FREE CD with it, so that you can hear exactly how it should sound before you play.

We guarantee that you will not only love every second that you play them, but the seconds will translate into hours of ecstatic music making. The time will just fly by and your bassoon embouchure will be fully developed, apparently effortlessly.

Go on, give them a try - I dare you!


Bassoon Reeds are expensive aren't they? So you need to know how to get the very best from them.

Basson Reed Doctor

The Bassoonist's Reed Doctor is your "reed scraping bible".

Learn how to adjust your bassoon reeds so that they play exactly the way you want them to play and also to last longer.



Bassoon ReedFor top quality Bassoon Reeds, you cannot better Sandra Downing's handmade bassoon reeds.


Have you ever considered making your own bassoon reeds?

It's actually much easier than you think.Making Bassoon Reeds ia Easy!


Go to your online Bassoon shop.

You are never too old to learn to play music!

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