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A Beautiful Bass Trombone tone?

Here's the secret - beautiful SLOW music.

"Benny" Morris shows you how in his

Bass Trombone Tone-Ups Book 1

Bass Trombone Tone-Ups Bk1 - for a grat sound.Adrian "Benny" Morris, Senior Trombone Tutor at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK, Salford University UK and Principal Bass Trombone of the world famous Manchester based Hallé Orchestra presents his selection of fifteen beautiful slow tunes - ideal for tone development.

Bass Trombone performance notes and technique tips for each melody.

Performance standard - easy to moderately difficult.

Peter Moore says: "In my many years of teaching, I have found that most students won't  practice long note exercises because they are so dreadfully boring.  I could not find enough interesting slow music for students to play in publications available - so we wrote Tone-Ups and Adrian's book is the latest in the series"

This book has fifteen carefully selected titles, complete with performance notes for each piece, for you to enjoy playing.  You will also develop your embouchure technique at the same time".

Christian Jones, Principal Bass Trombone in the Philharmonia says in "The Trombonist", Summer 2008:

".........I have often wondered how such an accomplished musician approaches trombone playing and Dr Downing's Bass Trombone Tone-Ups provides a valuable insight for us all.

The idea of this book is to provide trombonists with famous, slow melodies to practise and perform, instead of simply playing long notes, to acquire a better sound..........................these apparently easy melodies are a real challenge for any player to perform well"

Below are scanned extracts of pages.  Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them full size.


Bass Trmbone Tone-Ups adviceAdvice and guidance on performance.

Bass Trombone Tone-ups contents.Contents

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