Bass and Tenor Bass Charts

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Bass Trombone Slide ChartChromatic Bass Trombone Slide Chart by Adrian "Benny" Morris

Designed for Bb - F - D tuning. Bright, colourful and easy to read.

It shows both bass clef and tenor clef where it is normally called for.

Each trigger position is clearly shown - plus Benny's recommendations for those awkward tunings.

Printed on top quality card and laminated for strength and lasting power.

Spilt your drink on it?

Easy - just wipe it clean. It will last you a lifetime - or at least until you no longer need a chart.

Benny's Chromatic Bass Trombone Slide Chart covers all notes from pedal B flat to altissimo C.

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Bb-F Tenor Bass Trombone Slide ChartChromatic Bb/F Tenor/Bass Trombone Slide Chart, by Benny Morris.

Similar to the Bass Trombone Chart but designed for Tenor Bass Trombone with trigger from Bb to F.

This chart follows in our long established tradition of showing all four clefs normally found in trombone parts. Bass clef, Tenor clef, Alto clef and Treble clef as used in Brass Band music.


Tenor Bass Trombone Chromatic Slide Chart page 2


Wipe clean - long lasting - easy to read - your best loved practice companion.




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Bass Trombone Tone-Ups Book 1

If you want a fabulous professional tone - just like Benny - then you need Bass Trombone Tone-Ups to get that beautiful sound.

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