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Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor

Do you want to play your recorder even better.

Descant recorder, alto (treble) recorder and tenor recorder.

The Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor follows on from our well known Recorder Technique Doctor

By Peter Bowman.

Advanced Recorder pageDo you want to play higher notes? Learn how to play with vibrato? Tackle modern music? Improve your technique?

Peter shows you how. Click on the picture for full size view of the page.

Do you have problems like these?

1. How can I make a better sound on my recorder?

2.  What exactly is breath support?

3. How can I learn to use vibrato on my recorder?

4. How can I improve my tuning when I play?

5. How can I get dynamics from my recorder?

6. How can I get a more fluent finger technique?.

7. When should I use alternative fingerings?

heard that it is possible to play higher. How do I play these higher notes?

9. Do I begin notes with "do" ot "to"? What is correct?

10. How do I do double-tonging?

11. I have heard a lot about modern music and strange noises that are required to play it. How can I learn to use these new techniques?

12. I sometimes have problems co-ordinating my fingers and tongue. What is wrong?

Advanced Recorder Technique Doctor by Peter Bowman.  How to improve your fingering and technique.Take a big step forward in your recorder playing - expand your technique and amaze your friends.

Get the best from your recorder and enjoy your playing more.

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Check the Professional Recorder Fingering Chart and Recorder Technique Doctor

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Advanced Recorder Texhnique


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